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Canine Platelet Enhancement Therapy (C-PET)

C-PET makes platelet therapy easy!

Platelet therapy can promote healing in tendon or ligament injuries and joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis. The C-PET system makes platelet therapy simple. The secret is C-PET's unique filter-based approach to concentrating platelets and their associated growth factors.


  • No centrifuge, power supply or outside lab processing required
  • Single-use, disposable point-of-use system is cost-effective and efficient
  • Experienced users average 30 minutes per treatment 



4 Simple Steps...

Yield a High Concentration


The system provides a 3x concentration of platelets (PLT) and their associated growth factors, and a 2x concentration of white blood cells (WBC), some of which are stem cells, from 55 mL of the patient's own blood.

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