As a customer of ours, you have access to many industry resources, such as the Compendium of Veterinary Products and SDS Retrieval Service. While you can access these here, log in to view additional resources such as the Compendium of Animal Supplements, the North American Companion Animal Formulary, and Product Recall page. And, when it comes to promotions, we know you value high-quality, timely information as we do. To assist you in taking advantage of the best offers available, we provide a monthly communication to our customers, the messenger, featuring practice management resources, new item announcements, and a comprehensive summary of all manufacturer programs. Additionally, because few practices have the time to monitor manufacturer rebate and free goods programs, we can help out there too. By consolidating your purchases through us, you maximize your program opportunities because we provide reliable tracking for you and accurate reporting to manufacturers.

Quality Sales Force

Over 400 representatives in the field means that your local contact is responsible for a limited geography, and can therefore provide individualized attention to your needs resulting in the outstanding service on which we pride ourselves.

Convenient Ordering

We offer extended call center hours of 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST weekdays and 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST on Saturdays. With more than 200 call center representatives, you won’t have long on-hold times slowing you down! And, for 24/7 ordering, our website is available any time you are.

Equipment Specialists

Regional Equipment Specialists can offer the benefit of clinical experience and honest product reviews so you are confident in selecting the ideal equipment for your needs and budget.

Inventory Management Consultants

The cost of drugs, supplies, and diets represents the second-highest expense for most veterinary hospitals. Understanding that our role as your supplier shouldn’t end with simple order fulfillment, we have developed an Inventory Management Consulting Team to assist your hospital in improving your bottom line through solid inventory management. The IMC team also periodically conducts Inventory Workshops.

Free Next-Day Delivery

With over 23 strategically located warehouses across the United States, we are able to provide next-day service and later cut-off times in most areas. This just-in-time ordering enhances your inventory turns, cost control and cash management.

Not only do we get it to you efficiently, but at 99.9% fill rates, our customers enjoy the benefits of consistent supply and reliable delivery. And, because we process more than 15,000 orders through our warehouses daily, we enjoy shipping efficiencies that allow us to provide you with free shipping on all standard orders. The right product, when you need it, shipped to you at no charge—that’s delivery service excellence. That's our standard.